Company Profile

Quick service, exceptional products and dedicated employees. That's what you can expect when you do business with Ellison Industrial Controls LLC. We're your source for the leading technologies in the automation and process control industry. Our product range includes equipment for sensing, measuring and controlling most industrial processes. Our mission is not to sell equipment. It is to solve your problems.

Customer Service

At EIC, it is extremely important that we're "an easy company with which to do business." We understand the pressures of today's work place. And we feel that with those pressures it doesn't help anybody to struggle with your suppliers.

bullet If you have a challenging question, we'll work hard to find the answer.
bullet If you're not sure what you want, we'll search for a product.
bullet If you need it right away, we'll expedite your shipment.
bullet Once you receive the equipment, we'll help you apply it.

In short, we want you to be happy to do business with EIC.

Dedicated Employees

When you call us, you'll always find people eager to help you. You'll talk to professionals who know and understand your industry. And you'll always make contact with people who are committed to making your work easier.
It is the people at EIC who separate us from the competition. All of our people realize they work just for you.

Excellent Products

EIC products are found wherever precision, reliability and higher quality are demanded. Our products guarantee successful installations in many areas of automation and process control. Whether it's sensing, controlling, positioning, measuring or monitoring -- EIC has a solution!

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